About me

Hello, my name is Kirana, a proud Indonesian woman lives in London. I am 29 years old and currently pursuing my MSc in Environment, Politics and Society at University College London with Chevening Scholarship. I have always been passionate in environmental issues, with my background study in marine science, I feel fortunate enough to became representative for Indonesia in several international fora and created several campaigns about marine and environmental awareness in Indonesia, Europe, and other parts of the world.

I enjoy the bustle of a city, but also love spending time in the warm countryside, sitting at a cafe, and having a cup of coffee. My soul is nourished by being in nature, enjoy a sunrise and sunset every once in a while, sit under the stars, stop and smell the flowers, as well as by having a deep, meaningful conversation about love, arts, photography and the philosophy.

I always enjoy meeting new people and helping others by doing more something meaningful. I think I live in this world is mere with a role. I don’t live only by myself but with people and believe my purpose is to help others too. Earlier this year, I together with my friend, made a zerowaste.id platform. I am not a perfect zero waster but, I found this initiative help me to make this journey along with other zero-waste fellows, do more meaningful work, inspire wider community and raise their environmental awareness to protect and preserve the world’s biodiversity for future generations and say no for plastic.

I am so fortunate to be able to travel to more than 20 countries in my 20s.  I would love to call myself an explorer, just because my curiosity to explore new country and culture. I find myself fully alive when I am travelling. Whether in a different city, state or just in my town where I live, strolling through cobblestone streets and markets. My wildest dream is helping and documenting people who live in a coastal area, help to raise their voice, help them to be more educated and improve their life.

Life should be rewarding and meaningful. There is nothing to worries, do your best, be happy, let Universe work to fulfil your dreams.

I hope this website can be a platform to share my thoughts, share what I’ve learned and hopefully benefits people. Please feel free to email me anytime at kiranagustina@gmail.com, or find me on Instagram. Happy exploring!